Wow! AR Rahman Receives Japan’s Fukuoka Prize For His Outstanding Contribution To Asian Culture

Ace music director AR Rehman has achieved yet another milestone by becoming one of the elite Indians to receive Japan’s Fukuoka Prize for Formidable contribution to Asian Culture through his music.

This is a huge addition to his lot of awards as the musician already have recieved multiple awards such as Oscars, academy award, Flmfare and the list goes on….

The Fukuoka Award is one of Japan’s biggest awards

The Fukuoka award named after the city of Fukuoka started in 1990 and from them is given annually to various individual to honor their contribution to asian culture. It is one of Japan’s most prestigious awards.


A r Rehman is not the first Indian to win Fukuoka award

The academy award winner is not the first one to get Fukuoka awards infact he infact 9 other indians have been awarded before Rehman with Ravishankar being the first Indian. Other notable awardees of Fukuoka wards are Amjad ali khan, Romila Thapar, Ramchandra Guhu, Nalini Malini, Ashis Nandy.

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