Wipro BPO Employees arrested for UK telecom fraud

According to the sources, Three call center employees working for Wipro were arrested for security breach allegations. All the three employees who were arrested earlier this month are working in an Kolkata based Wipro call centre for UK telecom Firm TalkTalk.

The arrest took place after months as Talk Talk was hit by a hacking security breach in october’2015 where many customers had to compromise with there personal details and money.

It was reported that Indian police arrested the BPO employees on thursday night in relation to allegations of theft of customers data and using it to con them out of thousands of pounds.

After the arrest a statement was issued fom the side of wipro they said- “Wipro is committed to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of all customer data and has a zero tolerance policy on security breaches”.

News of the arrests was first reported on Britain’s Channel 4 News on Thursday evening.

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