WhatsApp crosses Billion user mark!



Recently the co-founder and current CEO of WhatsApp Jan Kourn announced that there are more then One billion active users of WhatsApp.
The CEO of the company further added that in total a whooping 42 billion messages are sent and more then a billion photos are shared every day through the social messaging platform.


WhatsApp was bought by FaceBook for 19 Billion $

The company has been owned by Facebook and amazingly WhatsApp user number has already surpassed Facebook messenger, which reportedly has 900 million users for now. WhatsApp currently has 1 billion groups that support 50 different languages accross the globe and also 300 million videos are shared daily through whatsapp. After the company was bought by facebook the company saw a significant increase of user almost double.

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Planning to launch video call feature

After successfully adding the calling feature the company is currently working on a video calling feature to give competition to there rival Skype.

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