Vastu Expert Dr Puneet Chawla

Dr. Puneet Chawla is a highly qualified Vaastu professional from South India who is extremely well-versed with the Hindu Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads which lay the very foundation and existence of this age-old Vaastu science. He has taken up the initiative and responsibility to educate, acknowledge and advice people on harmonious living by creating the awareness about Vastu Shastra to the world so as to instigate and initiate a zeal for a better livelihood. His qualifications and credentials include the following:

  • He has acquired the title of being one of the most highly dignified Vaastu consultants possessing an MBBS degree in Alternative Medicine and Research.
  • Dr. Chawla is also a writer and author of many renowned vastu-related books as well as write-ups which are published in National newspapers on a regular basis.
  • He even undertakes and provides corporate consultation on Self-Hypnosis, Global Achievement, Stress Management and Prosperity Development for self-betterment and high-end career success.

World’s number 1 Vastu Consultant

What if a basic innocent family person is asked about the vaastu Shastra? The answer will be very simple, he will say- “solutions to all my life problems”.

Also he might mention that the vaastu consultant would ask for the demolition of the structure. The layman is always asking for the remedies which are very easy not to break the structure.

Now what he expects some one timer Vaastu poojan or some vaastu yantra’s.

He is worried and scared of fixed vaastu defects his pandit ji type Vaastu consultant has threatened him about dare consequences of the defects. Now he has no choice, either he demolishes or do orthodox remedies.And here comes the expertise of Dr. Puneet chawla. He guides how to use directions everywhere in and out of the building structure.

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