Supreme Court to Hear Petition on Section 377

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Homosexuals who were struggling for there rights in country got a small victory when Supreme Court accepted to hear an argument on the section 377 which criminalizes homosexual relationship in the country.

The Supreme Court gave its much awaited order on the plea against there older judgment on Section 377. A bench of five judges is made who will hear the argument. It is a victory for those who were fighting from a very long time in against of section 377 which is by the way a 150 year old law….tooo old isn’t it …!…

As we know homosexuality is considered as a taboo in our society and is also a criminal offense under the Indian penal code 377. The law has many flaws due to which the community has been suppressed and even blackmailed as there is no law for there protection.

Homosexuality got criminalized again in 2013

Naz Foundation started this legal battle

The section 377 was first challenged by the Naz foundation in Delhi High court in 2009. In a shocking judgement the high court decriminalized the homosexual relationship between adult. But unfortunately the relief for the community was very short lived as in 2013, the supreme court reversed the verdict and reinstated section 377. This decision was a major setback to those who were fighting against this stupid law.

Homosexuality got decriminalized in 2009

Delhi Government in favour

Although the ruling Delhi Government AAP has shown support to fight against the law and is trying to bring private bills to decriminalize homosexuality still a lot is dependent on the coming supreme court verdict.

Let us hope for the best as lot of expectation is riding on supreme court’s verdict!!!

Where do they meet?

In our Indian society not being straight is is considered bad…really bad…..but still there are some friendly cities and they do have some certain places where you homosexuality is not considered as a taboo in fact the majority of  homosexuals  can be found enjoying and living there life to the fullest. Let us explore  some of these places-

1) Nehru Park,Delhi

Hundreds of men can be found hanging around on Sunday’s evening.

2)PVR Saket,Delhi

Every thursday and weekends after 11 PM behind PVR Saket coverts into a crucial gay place.

3)The Headquater,Mumbai
Above the Cafe Royal, Calaba,Mumbai is a place dedicated to gays and belongs to the LGBT community.

4) Cafe Leopold,Mumbai
A very popular club among the gay community especially on sunday afternoon.

5) Cubbon Park,Bangalore

Have breakfast at Cubbon park on sundays morning you can find the gay community literally thriving.

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