Salman khan Compares himself with “Raped Women”

The Bhaijaan of bollywood Salman khan has created yet another controversy by his comment on his grueling schedule for ‘Sultan. The Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor is known for his witty sense of humor but this time the humor is the one which led him into trouble.

We all know salman is preparing himself for his upcoming movie Sultan where he plays an wrestler. Salman has to completely transform his body for which heavy workouts was on cards. When in a recent interview the sultan actor was asked about the workout he did for the Gym the actor then replied- “He felt like a raped Women“…Woahhhh!!!! that’s a bit too much Humour for Indians Salman Bhai.

After the statement there is alot said about the khan and twitter has blasted Salman Khan for his sttement. The issue has become so big that the ace writter Saleem Khn aka fther of salman has to come out with an apology.
Let us look at some of the tweets made on Salman Khan.





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