Rs 400 crore worth of Movie Tickets are sold every year in India

In recent event a data related to sales of movie tickets was disclosed and we saw a good increase of 30-40 percent. Previously the figure was 200-250 crores in 2011-2012 and now it’s standing around a whooping 400 crores for 2015-2016. Bollywood is seeing a cultural change  and that can be seen.

Reason is More Cinema advertising

In a recent report we saw that film producer are keeping a special budget for there advetising budget as advertising has become an important part for a film’s success. Now a days almost every superstar no matter big or small cn be seen promoting there movies on various events, TV shows and Radio.

A cultural Shift may be the reason

In recent year a cult change can be seen with both the movie makers and the audience. Audience is becoming smarter and so the makers as more realistic movies are made and stories are getting more interesting now a days.

In today’s date there is hardly any movie that goes into loss almost every movie makes profit and this is because of more advertising and production plus the smarter audience which has pushed the film maker in making good and better films. Also there is a option of booking tickets online which wasn’t an option in prior years so it’s easy to book tickets and hence a increase in the  in Movie ticket sales can be seen.    

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