Men spends more money for Valentine





Valentine Day is about to come and many couples have already started to prepare this big day. This day can be considered┬ásynonymous with a hole in a pocket and with this a famous saying comes to mind-“Money can buy love”.

A survey was done

An interesting survey occurred according to which men tends to spend more money then women for pampering there loved ones.
An online portal conducted a survey according to which the lovers Day is more popular among women. The survey also reveals that on an average men plan to spend over Rs.800 on gifts which is higher than women who are looking at an average gift spend of Rs.545 this Valentine’s.


There is a variation in buying gift also

A large variation can also be seen between the preferred gifts for men and women….Generally Men play safe with buying flowers,chocolates or naughty gifts whereas Women tend to spend more on gadgets,perfumes or accessories.


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