Increasing pollution making people move out of delhi

Yeah we all know our delhi is one of the most poluted cities in the whole world bt did u know the pollution level is sohigh that the people living in Delhi don’t want to live here anymore.

Living in the capital will make you go sick

In a survey conducted in 2015 it’s been said by an official that – : Living in delhi will cause excessive death because of various dangerous diseases.” Living in city is quite difficult as air pollution is at such a dangerous level in the city. “Smoking 40 ciggarettes a day and spending the day in the city is a same thing” – said a resident of delhi.

Neelam Malhotra a 26 year old working woman said – “Delhi is worst place to live because of it’s unsafe nature for women and unhealthy environment.I am only living in this city because of my job once i get any opportunity of leaving Delhi i’ll happily grasp it.



Increase in number of  vehicles and industrial pollution is one of the major reason for air pollution.

Even the court said, “People are leaving Delhi because of pollution and crime rate which you (authorities) are not willing to control”.

Now this a big problem Delhi is already the rape capital of India and now Delhi is the most polluted city also this is like a big hole on Delhi’s image which need to be Fix  ASAP or else soon ” Dilwalo  ki delhi” will be without it’s dilwale’s.


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