He floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee

He floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee …..RIP Md. Ali.

Saturday was a bad day sports as it lost there most beloved boxer Md Ali. Md Ali was suffering from Parkinson’s desease and took his last breath on Saturday, 4th June 2016 . He was 74 year old.

There never was and never will be  an Athlete like Ali

Ali who lost his battle with Parkinson is considered as one of the most important sports person in sports entertainment history. Ali was a multiple time world champion. He won his first championship at the age of 22. He is considered as one of the most honest, bad ass,  and beloved Boxing champion of all time. Ali rose to fame with his epic fight with  George Foreman in 1974 where every one expected Foreman to win because of his size but that wasn’t the case Ali won at the age of 32 by  brilliant strategy it was only after this when Ali gave his famous quote-“Fly like a Butterfly and sting like a bee.


Ali was suffering from Parkinson

In his later years Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson which is a incurable disease which ultimately led to his Death. The way Ali fought with this disease made hi more loved as no one expected Ali to be this much vulnerable. He even said-” Maybe my Parkinson’s is god’s way reminding me wat’s important”, He further said “It slowed me down and caused me to listen rather than talk. Actually, people pay more attention to me now because I don’t talk as much.”

Apart from being Loved Ali was a controversial figure

Ali was the most polarising star both in and out of the Boxing ring. He was loved by many but had equal haters s well. After winning his first world boxing championship Ali got converted to Islam which raised eyebrows of many individuals.

Ali was arrested and stripped from his World Title for not joining US military to show his protest against the white domination in USA. It was a 7 year long time that Ali was baned from Boxing and that too his peak years.
Ali will be always remembered as one of the most influential Sportsman and moreover a good human being. He will always have special place in our heart. RIP Md. Ali. You were truly the the best there was and best there will be.

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