Did Honey Singh and Badshah Brawled with each other?

Recent report suggest that Ace rappers Hone Singh and Badshah got into a ugly fight in a private party in New Delhi. Now this is some news guys !

Honey Singh Called Badshah a nano car

In a recent interview Honey Singh compared Badshah with a nano car and himself with Rolls Royce. Badshah didn’t like the comment and said nano cars are more seen on road than a Rolls Royce and that what is seen more is sold more which seems like a reply on the 18 month absence of Honey Singh.

They both fought at a Bar in Delhi

There are rumoured reports that the rappers met at a private Party in Delhi and had a heated verbal exchange and were seen pushing each other. It was the guest who came in between to stop both Honey and Badshah.

Fellow Rapper support Badshah

Other fellow rappers Raftaar and and Faizalpuria has criticized Honey Singh and are supporting Badshah.
Remarkably Badshah and Honey Singh has together given hits like Chaar shanivar etc. and Honey singh and Raftar were part of group called “Mafia mundeer whick broke up in 2011.

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