Bias Prince, Broken Mandana and Baazi task!!!!!!

Now, from last few weeks Bigg Boss 9 has started showing it’s true color. The week started with Kajol and SRK doing fun with the housemates and crowning Priya and Rishabh as the Dilwali and dilwala of the house.


Later, A baazi task was issued to the contestant through which the housemate can win back the amount that they lost. This was a physically tough task as three teams have to stand on a pole and the surviving team will win. The partcipating teams cosisted of Suyash-Priya, Keith-Nora and Rishabh and Rochelle. Captain of this week prince had to place a bet on the winning team but he was unsuccesfull as he bets on Keith and Nora but the task was won by Rishabh and Rochelle…..Both the winners are now the new contender for the captaincy of the house.

After the task Prince faced allegation of being biased from the housemate as he chose the wrong team. Priya even alleged Prince of taking side of Nora as she was not punished after using english this created the tension between the two.

Mandana WAS seen having a talk with Gizele and Rishabh iabout how they did not support her when she expected them to. This irritates Rishabh and Gizele and they fought Mandana. Later, the two are caught talking about how they regret having supported Mandana all this while. While Rishabh claims that he supported her only because she is a weak contender, Gizele says that she genuinely made an attempt to take care of Mandana and be her friend.

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