Best Ethical Hacking Institute in INDIA

Top 10 Ehthical Hacking Institute India


Ethical hacking is a white hat technique where the hacker violates the security of a computer system or the network, to expose the UN-protected security systems.
A career in ethical hacking, as a consultant, has bright prospects considering the dependence of the entire world on computer technology, and easy access to world wide web. The demand for specialized talent within IT is growing fast and the profession has lots of money to offer those who want to get into the hacking business.


Now here is the List of top Ethical Hacking Institute in India-


 1. Indian School of Ethical Hacking(ISOEH)

ISOAH is situated in Kolkata and has been working over the last many years they have felt the lack of well trained individuals in the IT Security industry. This school is an effort to impart in-depth IT security know-how to fresher engineers as well as senior working professionals.

Business active from -2012


Reviews-no negative reviews from the customers.

Social Audience- Facebook-18k likes.

Twitter- 445 followers.

RED Chilli Rating- 9/10.



2. GIT IT Academy Bangalore

GIT IT Academy is a Bangalore based ethical hacking institute. It offers Authorized training in Cisco, Comp TIA , EC-Council, ITIL, Citrix, Netapp.

Business active from- 2006


Reviews-good reviews from the students..

Social Audience- Facebook-11,852 k likes.

Twitter- 144 followers.

Red Chilli Ratings-8/10.


3. Innobuzz Knowledge Solutions

Innobuzz Knowledge Solutions, are headquartered at Delhi, India with strong presence in Australia, United State of America and Canada, apart from many other countries.

Business active from- 2007


Reviews-Mix Reviews.

Social Audience- Facebook-6.8 k likes.

Twitter- 344 followers.

Red Chilli Ratings-7.5/10.


4. Institute of Information Security

The Institute of Information Security is one of the most trusted sources of hands-on training’s in information security with Ethical Hacking training’s & certification courses in India, Middle East, Malaysia, Singapore and Africa.

Business active from- 2009


Reviews-No negative reviews from the customers..

Social Audience- Facebook-6.8 k likes.

Twitter- 654 followers.

Red Chilli Ratings-7.5/10.


5. IIHT Thiruvanmiyur Chennai    

IIHT-Thiruvanmiyur is part of Asia No I Training Institutes (IIHT) offering range of training in the field of Ethical hacking  to Students, Job Seekers, Corporate, and College.

Business active from- 2000


Reviews-Mix reviews from the customers..

Social Audience- Facebook-39,956 likes.

Twitter- 258 followers.

Red Chilli Ratings-7/10.


6. Koenig solution

Koenig solution is a Delhi based Ethical hacking institute having branches in Bangalore and Dubai. Koenig has 30+ authorizations including that of Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, Red Hat, Novell, EC Council, Adobe, among others.

Business active from- 1999


Reviews-A old institute with some negative and many positive review.

Social Audience- Facebook-160,111 likes.

Twitter- 2,034 followers.

Red Chilli Ratings-7/10.



7. Arizona Infotech Ethical Hacking Institute

Arizona Infotech institute offers a training program that focuses on both hacking and counter measure techniques and is entirely hands-on, real-time oriented.

Business active from- 2012


Reviews-A old institute with some negative and many positive review.

Social Audience- Facebook-16,111 likes.

Twitter- 234 followers.

Red Chilli Ratings-6.5/10.



8. Hacker School, Hyderabad

Hacker School has been implementing several technology motivated courses that provides Information Security services and Certifications.

Business active from- 2011


Reviews-An upcoming institute with some negative and many positive review.

Social Audience- Facebook-2,876 likes.

Twitter- 287 followers.

Red Chilli Ratings-6/10.




NIIT, leading Global Talent Development Corporation and EC-Council, one of the world’s largest certification bodies for Information Security professionals, have entered into a strategic partnership to jointly address the cyber security concerns of a fast digitizing India. It has branches all over the country.

Business active from- 2013


Reviews- NIIT”s new branch with some good reviews.

Social Audience- Facebook-301,685 likes.

Twitter- 184 followers.

Red Chilli Ratings-6/10.



10. Mercury solutions

Mercury Solutions Limited is a leading Ethical hacking Institute and one of the fastest growing IT Training and Certification provider, known for providing quality training’s from industry experts.

Business active from- 2013


Reviews-A decade old institute new branch with some good reviews.

Social Audience- Facebook-n/a

Twitter- n/a

Red Chilli Ratings-6/10.


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