Arvind Vegda is a popular figure among Gujarati song lovers.He made an unexpected entry in Big boss 9 contestants lists.He objected Bhansali Productions for using his song ‘Bhai Bhai’ without permission.But one thing is sure,after Arvind’s journey in big boss will get over,he will enjoy popularity increased to a great extent.

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Arvind Vegda entered the Bigg Boss  house along with Ankit Gera. Fondly known as ‘Mota Bhai’, Arvind Vegda soon attracted attention in the house due to his loud snores. Realising that his snoring problem was creating issues for his housemates the soft-hearted Gujrati singer immediately made arrangements to ensure the other contestants have a sound sleep. Sacrificing his slumber time, Arvind only went to bed after he was sure that his housemates were asleep. There was a common consensus of the house agreed that ‘Mota Bhai’ had a pure heart. Entertaining the housemates during the wake-up call, Arvind Vegda was seen at his happiest best when playing Garba.

Arvind was eliminated in the 3rd week and after his evictioon this is ehat he said- “My experience in the Bigg Boss house has been a journey of a life time. This is the most real show there is. I will always remember my learnings in the house and I have made quite a few memories inside the house, especially with Ankit. I am looking forward to meet him outside the house. I am glad to have received this opportunity and will always keep this experience close to my heart.”