30 crushed and multiple injured in Kolkata Flyover Tragedy

One of major metropolitan cities Kolkata recently suffered a Tragedy where a under construction bridge fell on people below.

Bridge was under-construction from past & years

Reportedly on Thursday an under construction flyover along Vivekananda Road which was going to connect Howrah bridge and Nimtala came crashing down after noon, Destroying almost everything in it’s path. According to the survivors there were no indication suddenly a noisy explosion sound was heard and the flyover came crashing down resulting in over 30 deaths and multiple injuries.



Government announces compensation to the victims

Election in west Bengal is on head and the flyover collapse has ignited the fire in the political world. Mamta Banerjee cancelled her election meeting and rushed back to the city.

She announced a compensation of 3 lakhs to the dead and 2 lakhs to the injured. Also the junior urban development minister

Babul Supriyo has said the flyover plan will be reviewed and the culprits behind the crash will get the proper punishments.
We feel bad for the victims and present our deep condolence with their families.

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